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Purest Potential's Why:

We help you to live from the inside - out so that you can achieve your greatest potential and inspire a better world.

Purest: Meaning that there is no matter, energy or physical trace of any kind
Potential: The kundalini energy, the womb of creation, the field of infinite possibilities.

Purest Potential is our Source

Just how do we do this?

  • Refocus you on your own inner guidance - to become Self Illumined
  • Learn to observe and elevate your personal story
  • Share in a community which holds you accountable
  • Learn to live a natural yogic lifestyle
  • Become environmentally conscious
Our programs give you clarity about your purpose and teach you great discipline in how to apply your energy to increase the quality of life and happiness for yourself, and all beings. Learn to live at peace knowing that we are all interconnected and that each being matters greatly. 

My hope is that our specialized courses will take you further along that path. 

And this is the "what":

  • Kundalini yoga daily classes and workshops
  • Yogic Numerology training
  • Purushartha Training
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Yogic Energy Healing


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